Meet Rhiannon

Rhiannon - Our Motorhome

Our witch on wheels is a 33' Fleetwood Southwind. We're slowly remodeling the interior, but for now she's got everything we need to enjoy life in the woods and on the road. It wasn't exactly easy or simple purchasing our house on wheels. Read the whole story here. 

She is going to take us to some of the most beautiful, scary, and unique places across America. 

On the way to New York, August 2011

On the way to New York, August 2011

Our Story

Let's start at the beginning. We met in September of 2010 working at a Starbucks in Texas. Our adventure began soon after when we packed up everything in a Ford Taurus, and moved to New York. This should have been when we discovered we weren't destined for city life, but that realization would come years later. We hated the crowds, the attitude people had, and the ridiculously expensive haunted (not in a good way) basement we rented (read our ghost story here). All was not lost, however. Same-sex marriage had just passed in NY that summer, so we were able to marry before returning to our home state. 

It would be years before Texas was forced to recognize our marriage, and that became quite clear when we moved back. And so we planned to move again. Of course we had just spent everything moving away and returning. As luck would have it, Chelsea was offered a cafe management position in Dallas. Loren was working a government job at the time. These jobs gave us the opportunity to travel for pleasure and business. 

Portland, OR had everything we love. Great coffee, nature around every corner, and chill people that didn't question our marriage. So we saved, planned, visited, and eventually moved. The problem was that we weren't the only ones to discover this beautiful land of misfits. The fear of becoming homeless had never been so real before living in that city. Even with two full-time incomes, we had to keep on the move due to rent skyrocketing. We could have put a down payment on a house with all the deposits we had to pay over the course of two and a half years. This, along with the overcrowding, prompted us to make a big change in our life.

We met a couple living on a boat that encouraged us to find an alternative way of living. We soon became obsessed with RVs. It just made sense for us. We hated city life and jumping from apartment to apartment every year. The opportunity to see so many amazing places from the comfort of our own home, well that's a dream come true!

Living in our RV full-time has been such an amazing experience that we want to share it with the world. Join us on our ghost hunting, RVing, camp hosting extravaganza!